Made with Green-Lite, non-leaded material Available in two levels of protection: .125 mm & .25 mm Pb equiv. Protection on sides only Three sizes available: Small (21″ circumference x 4″ deep), Medium (23″ x 4″), Large (25″ x 4″) Adjustable drawstring

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Put a lid on radiation exposure with a lightweight, protective and reusable cap.

Reusable Head Lead is made with non-leaded Earth-Lite™ or leaded Ultra-Lite™ material, and is available in two different levels of protection: .125mm Pb & .25mm Pb lead equivalency (protection is on the sides only). The inside is constructed in wick-away fabric that will keep you cool & comfortable while wearing. Three sizes available, and all can be adjusted with the rear drawstring.

Reusable Head Lead can be customized with any outside fabric & binding; inside fabric is black only.

Comfort Features:

  • Lightweight, non-leaded material
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Adjustable elastic drawstring
  • Three sizes to fit all heads
Choose lead and size below, then click the Design Your Own button to choose outside fabric and binding. Inside fabric is black only.